from the Pasture to the pot


Nestled under Taranaki's glorious mountain, Eltham Apiaries (Trading as Eltham Honey) have been perfecting and producing their rich blend of Clover, Bush Blend and Mānuka Honey for over 50 years. It is with great pride that they now take their delicious local honey to a wider audience with a refreshed brand. The packaging may be changing but the delectable, 100% natural New Zealand honey stays the same. Read more about us here.


Our most popular honey for over 50 years. Known for its natural sweetness and sublime Taranaki flavour.

The newest honey to our range. It is a blend of New Zealand bush in a jar. This honey has a rich deep flavour. 

Gathered by our bees
from the native Taranaki Mānuka flowers and bottled just for you to enjoy. 

For a bit of indulgence, treat yourself to our decadent, Taranaki comb honey straight from the hive.

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